Sutter’s Mill – Marshall Gold Discovery

California was abundantly austere in 1848 and just acceptable a U.S. area afterwards the Mexican-American War. A Swiss immigrant alleged John Sutter had a accumulation fort, in what is now Sacramento, to abutment the few antecedents advancing west in seek of abundant acreage land. Sutter commissioned James Marshall to body him a sawmill 45 afar abroad forth the coffer of the American River. On January 24, 1848, James Marshall happened aloft a few baby flakes of gold by the bend of the river. It took beneath than a year for gold agitation to yield authority if chat got out that there was gold at Sutter’s Mill. Immigrants caked in from the east over the Sierra Nevada Mountains and from the west into an abortive harbor-front boondocks alleged San Francisco. The 1849 California Gold Rush was on as hundreds of bags came in seek of claimed affluence that was just lying on the arena cat-and-mouse to be best up. Dozens of baby towns and mining camps popped up forth what is today Highway 49. Unfortunately, it didn’t go as simple as the rumors claimed and abounding died of hunger, ache and the elements. Those who did able-bodied from the gold bang were mostly merchants like Levi Strauss, Wells & Fargo, Leland Stanford, George Hearst, John Studebaker and several more.

Sutter’s Mill is the website that started it all and a replica stands today at the aboriginal area in the baby Gold Country boondocks of Coloma. Situated about axis amid Auburn and Placerville forth Highway 49, Coloma could be declared as getting ‘in the average of nowhere’. It’s hasty to apprentice that Coloma has no Holiday Inn, Chevron or Starbucks for a boondocks that started the California Gold Rush and abundant clearing west. The alone apartment you’ll acquisition there is the Coloma Resort, which offers covering cabins and campsites beside the American River. The boondocks still has aboriginal buildings, homes and storefronts that already served the gold seekers who swept through Gold Country.

Sutter’s Mill is allotment of Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park area you’ll aswell acquisition a company centermost & museum, gold mining equipment, aboriginal boondocks and Coloma Jail ruins. The company centermost & building appearance educational movies, actual documents, exhibits and artifacts including a stagecoach, gold mining equipment, aboriginal accoutrement and more. Choose to airing the area at your own clip or accompany a Gold Discovery Tour for a added all-embracing glimpse of the boondocks during the California Gold Rush. One Saturday a month, docents dress in aeon accouterment during Living History Day and accord demonstrations in candle making, woodworking, dutch oven affable and more. Abounding added Gold Mining accompanying contest yield abode in Coloma throughout the year. Bring a gold pan because gold animadversion is accustomed on the adverse ancillary of the American River – a arch provides simple access. There’s still affluence of gold to be apparent all throughout Gold Country.

Sutter’s Mill is amid about one hour southeast of Sacramento. Consider visiting Sutter’s Fort, Old Sacramento, Auburn and Placerville for a complete gold history experience. While Coloma could be admired as a mining affected and Auburn & Placerville advancing towns, Old Sacramento was a alive city-limits that was a stop-off point for gold headed to San Francisco. Much of the aboriginal city-limits charcoal forth with a railway base and riverboat hotel. Added absorbing places and things to do in Gold Country cover abundance tours, accustomed caverns, whitewater rafting, wine tasting and gold panning. Make your own gold bang and plan your next cruise to Sutter’s Mill and Gold Country. You’ll ascertain that it’s one of the best places in California for history and alfresco recreation.

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